WP3: Taalkunde


CLARIAH is a research infrastructure that aims to support research by humanities researchers. It must therefore provide facilities for the workflow in a typical research project that provides & creates its own data next to enabling access to the large standard data sets that have been gathered over the years. In such a project, the focus is on research, and data and tools are just instrumental. Data created in a typical research project are relatively small in size (compared to e.g. Nederlab). Exact maximum size of external or newly created data for which CLARIAH wants to support their incorporation in the infrastructure still has to be determined, but it will be orders of magnitude lower than the Nederlab data. For incorporation of data of the size of the Nederlab data a dedicated project is required, and probably dedicated software has to be developed.

The strategy chosen for the CLARIAH Linguistic RI is that we provide long-term data availability together with high quality metadata for a wide range of usages. While for the data consumer side (research) we provide flexible frameworks populated with tools and usage recipes directed at specific research use-cases.

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