On October 1, 2013 at 11:59 the CLARIAH proposal for the "National Roadmap for Large-Scale Research Facilities" was submitted.

During the writing of the proposal, nearly all researchers from the humanities of the Netherlands were involved. Besides from the academic world, the proposal received much support from many knowledge and heritage institutions, and various SMB-companies. This collaboration between many parties is in itself unique. After an intensive process of writing, correcting, editing, gathering support for the proposal, we have to wait on the final judgement from the international and national referees.

The important dates were:



1 Oct 2013 Submission Deadline
Oct-Dec 2013 Consultation of referents
Rebuttal submitters
Recommendations NWO-gebiedsbesturen.
Jan 2014 First Meeting committee
Mar/Apr 2014 Site visits
Second Meeting Committee
Begin May 2014 Committee Recommendation to NWO AB
End May 2014 NWO AB Decision