WP3 (WP-leader)  sjef barbiers
Leiden University
variation linguistics; syntax; research infrastructure
I am a professor of Dutch Linguistics at Leiden University, with specialization in syntactic microvariation. I am comparing the syntax of large numbers of (primarily Dutch) dialects against the background of a general formal theory of the syntax of natural language. I am co-applicant of CLARIAH+ and currently the PI of CLARIAH work package 3 (Linguistics; both NWO Roadmap). In the recent past I was the PI of the Syntactic Atlas of the Dutch Dialects project (www.meertens.knaw.nl/sand/zoeken/), the ESF project Edisyn (www.dialectsyntax.org), the CLARIN project MIMORE (http://www.meertens.knaw.nl/mimore/), the NWO-project Maps and Grammar (http://ifarm.nl/maps/home/), and PI and supervisor of two NWO-projects on the acquisition and typology of the morphosyntax of numerals ((http://hum.leiden.edu/lucl/knowledge-and-culture/).