The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision
Data processing; linked open data; Jupyter notebooks
Mari Wigham <>
Mari Wigham is a software developer at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, working on innovative ways of helping scientific researchers to work with the archive. She studied electronic engineering, and has spent her career working in applied research institutes, on projects ranging from virtual avatars to make television accessible to deaf people, to personalised food advice for helping people make healthier choices. Her current work at Sound and Vision and CLARIAH combines her experience in the media with her knowledge of semantic technology, to unlock media archives for researchers and provide them with new insights from the data.
  WP5 Martijn vd Donk
  Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision
  Cloud infrastructure, DevOps

For CLARIAH WP5 I am part of the team that sets up the audiovisual infrastructure at NISV. With a background in DevOps, Cloud Engineering and digital infrastructure I’m focusing on the creating and developing could-based solutions to support data and processes within a robust infrastructure.

WP5 Nanne van Noord
University of Amsterdam; Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision
Computer vision; Digital humanities; Machine learning
Within CLARIAH WP5 I work on increasing the accessibility and discoverability of audiovisual material by applying and developing computer vision algorithms.
WP5 willem melder
Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision
  Linked data; Collections; Speech recognition; Audiovisual data

For CLARIAH WP5 I am part of the team that sets up the audiovisual infrastructure at NISV. With a background in artificial intelligence and speech technology I’m focusing on automatic processing of audiovisual data and making it better accessible within a robust infrastructure. For NISV I am also participating within NDE in the workgroup Architecture, aiming to make digital heritage better interoperable and accessible for users.


WP5 thomas poell
University of Amsterdam
Community outreach, user studies, media suite, user space

Thomas Poell is Assistant Professor of New Media & Digital Culture and Program Director of the Research Master Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam. His research is focused on social media and the transformation of public communication around the globe. He has published on social media and popular protest in Canada, Egypt, Tunisia, India, and China, as well as on the role of these media in the development of new forms of journalism. Together with professor José van Dijck, Poell leads the KNAW-‘Over Grenzen’ research program on Social Media and the Transformation of Public Space.

He is one of the programme leaders of the Amsterdam Centre for Globalisation Studies, and part of the core team Audiovisual Data and Media Studies of the national infrastructural project CLARIAH (NWO). He sits on the editorial board of Social Media & Society and of the Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media. During the Spring semester of 2015, Poell was Research Associate at UC Santa Cruz, and visiting lecturer at the University of Helsinki. In early 2016, he gave a series of mini-lectures (in Dutch) for the Universiteit van Nederland.