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CREATE Digital History Workshop (WP4 and WP5)

19-10-2017 14:00 - 17:00


The upcoming CREATE Digital History Workshop will take place on 19 October and focuses on the history of migration and professions using various tools created by CLARIAH (Common Lab Research Infrastructure for the Arts and the Humanities).
Richard Zijdeman will demonstrate how historians can make use of linked data. Querying linked data remains a challenge to many scholars. To facilitate the exploration of linked data, CLARIAH created GRLC, a tool that allows researchers to share queries across the web and enable anyone to execute predefined queries (or adapt them to their own research question).
Liliana Melgar will introduce the Media Suite, a research environment which aims to serve the needs of media scholars, historians and other scholars who use audiovisual media.
The media suite facilitates the analysis of audiovisual collections and their contextual data (such as programme guides) by providing scholars with a wide array of tools for corpus selection, search and annotation.
The workshop is free and open to everyone. No technical skills are required.
Time & location: 19 October 14-17h, Turfdraagsterpad 9, BG 1, Room 0.16 (eLab).