Date Friday 9 March 2018 logo KB
Time 10:00 - 17:00

Koninklijke Bibliotheek

Den Haag




As a project, CLARIAH is at 3/4; the current phase will end at the beginning of 2019. The main goal of this "Toog Dag" is to show the audience the current state of the project, what has been done so far and the initiatives for the coming period:

  • what has been done?
  • what is available right now?
  • who is using the CLARIAH-infrastructure?

The projects granted for the CLARIAH Research Pilot and the National Archives will give a short pitch about their projects.

To clarify what is happening in the CLARIAH-community there will be a demonstration session during the lunch break by the Research Pilots, the National Archives and various researchers from the humanities and the computer sciences.

To strengthen the cooperation with The National Library (KB) and the Network Digital Heritage (NDE) in CLARIAH-PLUS, that will hopefully be granted this year, we are happy to announce as our keynote speakers: Enno Meijers (KB) and Wilbert Helmus (NDE). 

Since 2015 the Network Digital Heritage (NDE) works on raising the visibility of the digital heritage information in and about Netherlands. NDE is an initiative of The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in cooperation with The Institute of Sound and Vision, The National Archives, National Cultural Heritage Agency, The National Library of The Netherlands (KB) and The Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). These five 'nodes' aim to attain a closer cooperation with all the institutions that manage cultural heritage collections to create a cross-domain and user-centric range of heritage information. In recent years there has been a program of activities started that focuses on making heritage information more visible, usable and sustainable. The type of information and the technology used have strong interactions with the CLARIAH program. In this session Wilbert Helmus (NDE manager) and Enno Meijers (Information manager KB) will go deeper into these interactions and on the opportunities they see for a closer cooperation with CLARIAH.

We thank the KB for their kind provision of conference rooms and facilities.







Welcome by Lily Knibbeler, Koninklijke Bibliotheek



Opening Toogdag by Lex Heerma van Voss



Short presentation of 4 Research Projects about their Bazaar Demonstrations during lunch

# Project Presentator
1 Nationaal Archief Marens Engelhard
2 2TBI Nico Randeraad
3 CrossEWT Nora Karrouche
4 ACAD Erwin Komen
5 Me&Myself Susan Aasman



WP2: overview of the current state of work package Technology

Gertjan Filarski Overview of what WP2 does, what the goals are and how it roughly works (distributed data infrastructure, security, TICCL/PICCL)
Jauco Noordzij
Marnix van Berchum
Demonstration of Anansi and the available datasets: persons (biographical portal), places (municipalities), and terms (WordNet/Diachroon corpus)
Lodewijk Demonstration of the curated personal data and what you, as a researcher, can do with it
Richard Zijdeman Mapping changing borders with Linked Data: dutch municipalities (1812-2017) and world countries (1946-2008)
Gertjan Filarski Prospects for the completion of WP2 in CLARIAH COR, and the plans in CLARIAH PLUS.



Short presentation of 6 Research Projects about their Bazaar Demonstrations during lunch

# Project Presentator
6 DReAM Berry van der Molen
7 HHuCap Richard Zijdeman
8 HUMIGEC Jelle van Lottum
9 LinkSyr Wido van Peursen
10 MIMEHIST Christian Olesen
11 NAMES Katrien Depuydt
12 CoDoSiS Henk van den Heuvel



WP3: overview of the current state of work package Linguistics



Short presentation of 5 Research Projects about their Bazaar Demonstrations during lunch

# Project Presentator
13 NarDis Sabrina Sauer
14 ReSpoNs Marcel Broersma
15 SERPENS Marieke van Erp
16 EviDENce Marieke van Erp
17 OpenGaZam Martin Reynaert



Lunch + Demonstration Bazaar (laptops with working software) RP’s, NA

# Research Projects Description Presentator
1 2TBI 2wards a Transnational Biographical Infrastructure Nico Randeraad
2 ACAD Automatic Coherence Analysis of Dutch Wilbert Spooren
3 CoDoSiS Combining Data on slavery in Surinam Cornelis van Galen
4 CrossEWT/
Cross-Medial Analysis of WW2 Eyewitness Testimonies Nora Karrouche
5 DReAM Cross media research of public debates on drugs and regulation Toine Pieters
6 HHuCap The History of Human Capital Richard Zijdeman
7 HUMIGEC Human capital, immigration and the early modern Dutch economy: job mobility of native and immigrant Jelle van Lottum
8 LinkSyr Linking Syriac Data Wido van Peursen
9 MIMEHIST Annotating EYE’s Jean Desmet Collection: Towards Mixed Media Analysis in Digital Media History Christian Olesen  
10 NAMES Dutch corpus of person name variants Gerrit Bloothooft
11 NarDis Narrativizing Disruption: How exploratory search can support media researchers to interpret ‘disrupt' Sabrina Sauer
12 ReSpoNs Remediation in Sports News Marcel Broersma
13 SERPENS Contextual search and analysis of pest and nuisance species through time in the KB newspaper collection Rob Lenders
14 Nationaal Archief   Marens Engelhard
15 KB Lab, tools and data at the KB. Lotte Wilms &
Steven Claeyssens
Work Package 2: Technology
16 1 ?  
Work Package 3: Linguistics
17 PICCL & CLARIAH research pilots Martin Reynaert
18 Nederlab Hennie Brugman
19 Gretel extensions Jan Odijk
20 Workflow tekst => FROG => CLAM Maarten van Gompel
21 Federated search and auto search Jesse de Does
22 MI-FLAT & CMDI Menzo/Rob
Work Package 4: Social Economic History
23 Linking your CSV to the Web of Data:
the Druid, CoW and g(a)rl(i)c Trilogy
Albert Meroño Peñuela, Laurens Rietveld, Auke Rijpma, Richard Zijdeman
Work Package 5: Media Studies
24 Media Suite II Liliana Melgar



WP4 & WP5: overview of the current state of work packages Social-Economic History and Media Studies

This presentation hosts short updates on the work packages for dataLegend and Mediasuite. Moreover, it provides use cases that combine tools from all work packages as illustrations of the CLARIAH workflow. Specifically it examines the reception of Dutch films by the general public, in relation to expert reviews and local social demographic characteristics.

Presentator Title
Richard Zijdeman Update DataLegend
Julia Noordegraaf Update Media Suite
Richard & Julia DataLegend, Media Suite and the Reception of Dutch Film
All attendees Press here to join Richards grLic/Sparql queries



Presentation Wilbert Helmus (NDE) and Enno Meijers (KB)



Wrap-up and drinks