A European Research Infrastructure Consortium – ERIC is a full legal entity under Union law. With a membership of at least one EU Member and two EU member or associated states, it has legal personality and full legal capacity recognized in all Member States. [WikiPedia]
Since 2016 five ERIC's (see below) are active in the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH).

Besides the building of the various infrastructures (i.e. the core activity), dissemination of the result and "getting involved potential users" , are important goals of all these ERIC's: without real users, an beautifull infrastructure becomes useless. In that light, a collaboration in terms of communications with between the five ERICs in the social sciences (CLARIN, DARIAH, ESS, SHARE and CESSDA) seemed a necessity in order to create synergies and draw on each others strengths. In addition, CLARIAH, a national counterpart to CLARIN and DARIAH in The Netherlands, which is directly and deeply embedded in the Europe-wide ESFRI enterprise, was brought on board as an important part of this initiative.

Communications staff from each ERIC as well as from CLARIAH therefore started working together on a draft plan for joint communication activities and have regular communication. A dedicated page as well as separate section for news from across the different institutions was set set up by the end of 2016, with other elements of the plan to come to life during the course of 2017.


Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives


CESSDA is one of the five “ESFRI Landmarks” in the Social Sciences and Humanities recognised in the ESFRI Roadmap 2016 and is aiming to become an ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium) early 2017.

The key rationale for the European Research Infrastructure CESSDA is to maximise the availability of relevant data at both a national and multinational level for scientific research, and to provide access to data to promote scientific research in socially and politically relevant areas. Find out more at the CESSDA website


eleanor smithEleanor Smith

Eleanor's major responsibilities and duties at CESSDA are developing a communication strategy for CESSDA, setting up CESSDA’s communication activities and tools, as well as supporting CESSDA’s Service Providers and representing CESSDA’s policy work.


  • became an ERIC in 2016.
  • based in Bergen, Norway
  • director: Ron Dekker.