CLARIAH Linked Data Workshop

Date 12 September 2016 logo vu
Time 13:00 - 18:00
Location VU, Amsterdam
Url Eventbrite

We are pleased to announce the CLARIAH Linked Open Data Workshop

Linked Data, RDF and Semantic Web are popular buzzwords in tech-land and within CLARIAH. But they may not be familiar to everyone within or outside CLARIAH. The goal of this workshop is twofold:

  1. Give an overview from the 'tech' side of these concepts and show how they are currently employed in the different work packages. 
  2. Hear from arts and humanities researchers how these technologies would best suit their research and how CLARIAH can support them in familiarising themselves with Semantic Web tools and data.

This will be a working workshop so bring your own device! There will be some plenary presentations to lay the groundwork for discussions whereafter we will start working with some data in smaller groups. These sessions will be centred around the different types of data in the work packages (WP3 linguistics, WP4 structured data, WP5 multimedia) to create a roadmap for dealing with Linked Data in the different WPs. 


The event is free, but please register through this page.

For more info contact Marieke van Erp