CLARIAH Linked Data Workshop 2017

Date 13 June 2017


Time 09.30-18.30
 Location Spinhuis
Oudezijds Achterburgwal 185

Are you intrigued by Linked (Open) Data but don’t know how to get started with it? Do you have tabular data in the Arts and Humanities domain lying around? Then this workshop might just be the thing for you.

In September 2016, CLARIAH organised its first Linked Open Data Workshop, which introduced Linked Data to the wider arts and humanities community. On 13 June 2017, we will organise a second CLARIAH-wide workshop in which you can obtain hands-on experience with the CLARIAH tools for Linked Data. In the workshop, we will show you how to convert your tabular data to RDF, connect it to other datasets and explore, analyse and visualise the resulting enriched dataset.

We will aim to support two user groups explicitly: technically-savvy, but novice users and more advanced users. Novice users are typically familiar with software tools such as Excel and Access, more advanced users may already be using Python, R and MySQL.

The plan

  • Sign up via the EventBrite page
  • Send us a half-page description of your dataset one week prior to the workshop (6 June), preferably with a small data sample so we can get an idea for the types of data that participants bring
  • Bring a laptop to the workshop with your data
  • We will show and help you convert your data to Linked Data using Timbuctoo
  • Teach you how to link your data to other sources
  • Help you figure out how to explore, analyse and visualise your data to help you answer your data-driven research questions
  • We will present some short use cases to give you an idea of the types of things you can do, but after that you get to work on your own dataset.
  • Staff from the different CLARIAH domains will be on hand to give you advice


  • Contact  for more information


  • Marnix van Berchum (WP2, Engineering)
  • Jauco Noordzij (WP2, Engineering)
  • Marieke van Erp (WP3, Linguistics)
  • Albert Meroño Peñuela (WP4, Social and Economic History)
  • Victor de Boer (WP5, Media Studies)