Dear CLARIAH-fellows,
The team of CREATE (UvA) has wonderful video reports, photo impressions, and blogposts on both last month’s THATCamp and the Creativity and the City Conference, so check them out at the Create-website.
And please be invited to their monthly CREATE Salon:

Date Tuesday 13 December
Time 15.00-17.00
Location The eLab Mediastudies: BG1, room 0.16
Turfdraagsterpad 9
1012 XT Amsterdam

There wil be two presentations in the field of Visual Analytics in Historical Research.

Marcel Worring: VISTORY

Prof. dr. Marcel Worring (University of Amsterdam) on the project : Visual Analytics Approach for the Stylistic History of Painti

The objective of the VISTORY-project is to revive the study of stylistic development of painting with the help of computer learning. It will do so by developing a visual analytics framework in which we leverage the best of both worlds: Automatic analysis of large scale datasets by the computer, combined with the unique ability of art history experts to make detailed assessments of small sets of images. We will research how image features can be optimized by incorporating knowledge on the creation process and characteristics of materials. From there, we will consider how to visualize the results in such a way that art historians can interactively annotate and re-group the paintings. Machine learning methods will then be developed which use those interactions to improve the model of painting similarity the system has. Integrating the resulting data-driven similarities among the paintings with existing structured metadata about the paintings yield our stylistic histories in terms of visual characteristics, place, and time. The resulting suite of tools will be made available to the community as open source software.
VISTORY is funded by NWO and associated with the Netherlands Institute for Conservation, Art and Science (NICAS). Co-principal investigators in the Vistory project are prof.dr. Robert Erdmann (Rijksmuseum, UvA) and dr. Arjan De Koomen (UvA). Collaborating partners: Huygens ING, Radboud University, Rijksmuseum, and University of Amsterdam. See

Marcel Worring is full professor in data science for business analytics (Amsterdam Business School) and associate professor in the Informatics Institute (IvI), of which since September 1 he is also the director.  Till September 1st, he was associate director of Amsterdam Data Science ( His research is in Multimedia Analytics, focussed on the integration of Multimedia Analysis, Multimedia Mining, Information Visualization, and Multimedia Interaction into a coherent framework which yields more than its constituent components. See also:

More information: Claartje Rasterhoff +3120 5257280 |