Annotating EYE’s Jean Desmet Collection

Towards Mixed Media Analysis in Digital Media History


The proposed pilot uses and develops CLARIAH Media Suite components’ annotation functionalities to analyse EYE Filmmuseum’s collection of cinema owner and distributor Jean Desmet. In doing so, the pilot aims at creating a mixed media analysis approach to the collection’s paper and film archives, to study how discussions of the film’s material, stylistic and content features among Dutch cinema theatre owners related to their exhibition and reception context.
Beyond this specific case, the pilot’s approach will be of wider relevance for research on AV collections and online social media in other fields. The pilot’s outcome will have two immediate benefits for the CLARIAH Media Suite.

First, it adds to it a corpus of cinema-related data from a highly prestigious Dutch UNESCO Memory of the World heritage collection, which is widely used in media history.
Second, by developing additional film-specific annotation functionalities it widens the Media Suite’s applicability in different research fields.