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CLARIAH-CORE launches a call for proposals for research pilots. This call is open from Monday September 5, 2016. The total budget for this call is limited to a maximum of € 700,000. A typical budget per project is € 60,000. A higher budget is exceptionally possible (up to € 100,000), but requires specific justification.

The CLARIAH-CORE project designs, constructs and exploits the Netherlands parts of the European CLARIN and DARIAH research infrastructures. It has filled this research infrastructure with a wide variety of CLARIAH components, which include generic infrastructure services, data such as databases, textual resources and audio-visual resources, and software applications and services that can be applied to these data for searching, analysis, enrichment, conversion, combining, visualization and other purposes.
See here for an indicative list of CLARIAH components.

The aim of the research pilots is to test aspects of the infrastructure and generate suggestions for improvements, as much as to answer the substantive research questions. Research pilots therefore entail the cooperation of the groups and institutes that have built or make available the relevant part of the infrastructure.

CLARIAH-CORE has linguistics, social economic history and media studies as its core disciplines, but applications for research pilots from other disciplines in the humanities are strongly encouraged.