Dissemination and education are critical components of CLARIAH. Without an active research community that agrees on the objectives of CLARIAH, that supports the development and use of advanced software tools and the standardization of digital information, the money for CLARIAH will be misspent. The same applies when (PhD) students will not be acquainted with the possibilities that the software and the easy access to data provides them.

An important part of CLARIAH is therefore to bring together humanities scholars, social scientists and ICT researchers and to stimulate the sharing of their knowledge and wishes. What do ICT researchers want? what is the biggest wish of an Oral Historian? Etc. In addition, it must be ensured that (prospective) HSS researchers become familiarized with the use of technology: CLARIAH technology should be an essential part of the curriculum of students from the social sciences and humanities.

To achieve this, a Dissemination and Education Plan has been prepared for the next 4 years. It describes the various activities for the coming years, partly via lectures and meetings, partly through hands-on experience as That Camps, where one learns to use the technology.

Below are the two links to the Dutch and English version of the dissemination plan.

Work Package 1 (EN, dissemination)