The contact person for all tools and data for WP5 is Julia Noordegraaf.

An overview of the data available in WP5 is provided here.

Full details are provided in the WP5 Collection Registry

An overview of the WP5 tools (or functionalities, as we call them) is provided in the spreadsheet below.

Further information about the use of the WP5 data and tools in the Research Pilots is provided in this PPT-presentation. (PDF-version)

In addition to the below functionalities (the ‘ingredients’), the Media Suite also provides four tools which combine several functionalities in one interface, or ‘recipe’. This facilitates use and has additional analytical value. Testing the added value of these recipes, compared to working with individual functionalities, could be a topic of a Research Pilot.

An overview of:

  • these recipes is provided here.
  • the available APIs is provided here.