The different focus areas develop any technology which will focus on the creation and / or improvement of software tools that can help them answer their research questions. But many tools and underlying technologies such as federated log in is not specific to one of the focus areas, but rather generic. Many of the current and future tools will be able to make use of this more generic technology.

More generic, supportive software will be developped in Work Package 2. The planned activities are described in the so-called Technical Plan (TP). The purpose of this plan is to describe the specific role and responsibilities of the various stakeholders in realizing the technical infrastructure of the project, giving a complete overview of all required activities. The list includes a description of the tasks to be performed, a possible form of the organization, a list of interested partners, represents a priority of the activities and provides an estimate of the approximate deployment of people and money.


CLARIAH Werkplan Techniek (WP2)