CLARIAH Linked Data Workshop 2017

13-06-2017 09:30 - 18:00


In September 2016, CLARIAH organised its first Linked Open Data Workshop, which introduced Linked Data to the wider arts and humanities community. On 13 June 2017, we will organise a second CLARIAH-wide workshop in which you can obtain hands-on experience with the CLARIAH tools for Linked Data. In the workshop, we will show you how to convert your tabular data to RDF, connect it to other datasets and explore, analyse and visualise the resulting enriched dataset.

We will aim to support two user groups explicitly: technically-savvy, but novice users and more advanced users. Novice users are typically familiar with software tools such as Excel and Access, more advanced users may already be using Python, R and MySQL.

For the full info, look here.