• 30 Maart 2023

CLARIAH Open Tech Days 2023

Every last Thursday of each quarter (except for Q4), the Open Tech Days are held. Here, we present and discuss the latest technical state of broad national SSH infrastructure developments. Everyone is welcome to join! 

The Open Tech Days are held at alternating and easily accessible venues, which we will communicate in a timely manner through our social media channels and newsletter. You can save the following dates for the upcoming Tech Days: 30 March, 29 June and 28 September 2023.

The gatherings will include presentations on the latest state of the art and discussions on shared technical challenges around national infrastructure, with speakers from the broad network of projects such as CLARIAH, ODISSEIPDI-SSH and more related collaborations. The events will also be streamed.

We hope to see you at the first Open Tech Day in 2023, held on Thursday 30 March. Keep an eye on this event page, our socials and our newsletter for more information.