About Clariah

CLARIAH (Common Lab Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities) is a distributed research infrastructure for the humanities and social sciences.

The CLARIAH infrastructure will provide researchers with access to large collections of digital data and to innovative and user-friendly applications for the processing of these data. Both the data and applications will be managed in a sustainable manner so that they can also be useful in the future for researchers: from literary researchers, historians and archaeologists to linguists, speech technologists and media scientists.

CLARIAH, as a national counterpart to CLARIN and DARIAH, is directly and deeply embedded in the Europe-wide ESFRI enterprise. CLARIN and DARIAH are the only two humanities infrastructures under development on the ESFRI Roadmap, both projects were on the 2008 national roadmap, and they joined forces in CLARIAH, which was put on the 2012 national roadmap.


The Netherlands has played an important role in establishing a consortium of national infrastructure projects united at the European level in the so-called CLARIN ERIC, which was established in February 2012 and is hosted by the Netherlands.


Similarly, the Netherlands played in important role in the preparation of DARIAH. The Netherlands was the coordinator of the preparation phase of DARIAH, and remains a core player, together with Germany and France. The Netherlands provides one of the three DARIAH directors and the core staff function of Chief Integration Officer, whose task it is to manage the coordination of the four DARIAH Virtual Competency Centres (VCC). DARIAH ERIC was established in August 2014. The CLARIAH contribution is spent on activities to strengthen the DARIAH mission in the Netherlands and to be able to participate actively in European DARIAH activities.


There has been close collaboration, both at the national and at the international level between the CLARIN-EU and DARIAH-EU projects, demonstrated by jointly organised conferences such as NEERI and Supporting Digital Humanities. For many features highly similar approaches are needed. It is therefore natural to join forces, and to strengthen each other in a common project such as CLARIAH.

The Common Lab participates in a number of international networks directly serving digital humanities communities, such as DASISH, EUDAT, and the Research Data Alliance. Besides, CLARIAH partners have been involved in setting up the exchange facility META-SHARE in the European META-NET project and the European Holocaust Research Infrastructure (EHRI). In addition, CLARIAH partners play a leading role in Europeana and related digital heritage projects, which offer a multi-lingual online collection of millions of digitized items from European museums, libraries, archives and multi-media collections.