In addition to tools and datasets, CLARIAH will also create instructional and educational material for use by researchers and digital humanities teachers. Material is already available for Linguistics and Media Studies. This can be found through the CLARIAH resources overview page.

As a researcher you can:

  • Learn how to find the right resources
  • Learn to work faster and more effective with resources
  • Use or develop possibilities to apply tools and data in education
  • Look at use cases for inspiration and to refine research questions
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Ineo: all our digital resources in one place

Ineo lets you search, browse, find and select digital resources for your research in humanities and social sciences. Gradually, it will offer access to thousands of tools, datasets, workflows, standards and educational material.

How can "Learn" help you?

As user-friendliness, accessibility, and quality are paramount within CLARIAH, we provide all infrastructure, tools, datasets, etc., developed by us. Of tutorials, manuals, videos and instructions so anyone can get started independently. In addition, we refer to planned events, courses and educational programmes directly and indirectly related to our infrastructure. In addition, via the learn tab, we refer to educational material that is not provided by us but is relevant for using our resources.

Get started with Learn

The links, videos and platforms referred to under the Learn tab lead you to educational material that is open access, ready to use and quality-checked by us. For tailor-made workshops, tutorials and (guest) lectures, please contact liselore.tissen@bb.huc.knaw.nl.