The governance structure of CLARIAH consists of a Executive Board, Board, Advisory Board and International Advisory Panel.

Governance transition

CLARIAH is a national and international well-known entity due to the succession of the projects CLARIN-NL, CLARIAH-SEED, CLARIAH Core, CLARIAH Plus and from 2024 onwards SSHOC-NL. Because the projects have been financed successively for 13 years, CLARIAH is more than a succession of infrastructural projects. Since CLARIAH will cooperate with ODISSEI (Open Data Infrastructure for Social Science and Economic Innovations) in the new SSHOC-NL project, CLARIAH wants to transition its governance from an infrastructure project to an independent entity CLARIAH-NL (Common Lab Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities in the Netherlands) to warrant the continuity of knowledge, infrastructure, workflows, organisation, working relationships and networks. This transition from the CLARIAH Plus board to a CLARIAH-NL board will take place in the coming year.