CLARIAH develops tools (software applications, services and digital infrastructure) for researchers in Humanities and part of the Social Sciences.

As a researcher you can:

  • Perform research tasks faster, more efficiently and more accurately
  • Search, edit, analyze and present large amounts of data
  • Pose research questions that could not be answered before, for new scholarly insights
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Ineo: all our digital resources in one place

Ineo lets you search, browse, find and select digital resources for your research in humanities and social sciences. Gradually, it will offer access to thousands of tools, datasets, workflows, standards and educational material.

What can you do with our tools?


Digitize texts, images and audiovisual material according to the latest standards.

Make data machine readable

Make source material readable for computers via text, image and speech recognition.

Convert source materials into data

Convert digitized and machine-readable material into quantitative research data.

Connect and merge datasets

Link existing and self made datasets to use larger volumes of source material.

Search, compare and analyze

Search, compare and analyze research data.

Coding and annotating

Encode, enrich and annotate research data.

Convert data formats

Convert research data from one data format to another.

Visualize research results

Visualize research output, for example through data stories.

How can our tools help you?

Clariah develops tools that can be used by researchers from a large number of disciplines within the Humanities and Social Sciences. A good example of these are tools that allow researchers to analyze and annotate textual material, be it legal texts, plays, religious writings or tweets.

In addition, we develop tools for specific disciplines or types of research, such as linguistics, socio-economic history, media studies and research in disciplines that primarily use textual resources like literary studies, religious studies and philosophy.

Thirdly, Clariah develops facilities that enable collaboration between different scientific disciplines and their specific tools and data.

Get started with our tools

  • Many tools can be used by any visitor online and/or offline.
  • Some tools require you to log in. Researchers and students from Dutch universities and research institutions can usually log in with the account of their own organization.
  • Other professional users must first request access, for example due to copyright on the material within a tool or dataset.