The 4 work packages in CLARIAH are progressively delivering tools that can be used by humanities scholars in their research. The various tools can be accessed in different ways. Temporarily, you can find the list of tools per work package below. Before the end of the CLARIAH CORE project (in 2018) we will provide a more integrative way to access these tools and their documentation.

WP2: Technical

information about the various tools developed in WP2 can be found here:

WP3: Textual data/Linguistics

A description of the tools being developed by WP3 can be found here:

WP4: Structured Data/Social economic history?

Information about the tools developed by WP4 is available on their website:

WP5: Audio-visual data/Media Studies

WP5 develops the "Media Suite", it is a research environment which aims to serve the needs of media scholars (and other scholars who use audiovisual media) by providing access to audiovisual collections and their contextual data. Here you can enter the Media Suite: More information is available on the Documentation pages: