• 29 April 2021
  • Online

Clariah TechDay

Every month the Interest Groups (IGs) organize one or more presentations about the (technical) developments within CLARIAH. IGs provide technical support for the design of the CLARIAH infrastructure, specifically with regard to aspects stretching across work packages and/or domains.

Date and time

Thursday 29-04-2021, 13:00 - 15:00 hours

On this TechDay there will be two presentations

Presentation 1

Open Data: Publication and Use, Findability


Ronald Siebes, UCDS group, VU Amsterdam & IG LOD - Findability


The IG LOD - Findability focuses on two topics: finding the Linked Data you need and making your own Linked Data findable. These questions and related ones are the core of the new IG.

If you have aspirations to transform your data into Linked Data, you need to choose which schemas, ontologies, vocabularies, namespaces you can re-use from external sources. How do you determine the quality aspects of this Linked Data, like richness, connectedness, stability, licensing etc?

Once you transformed your data into linked data, how will people find and use it? Are you publishing it as a flat data file, expose it as a SPARQL endpoint, or a REST-API?

Presentation 2

Finding archived datasets and resolving IRIs in a sustainable way.


Joe Raad, Postdoctoral researcher, Vrije Universiteit & IG Sustainability & Storage


In this short presentation the topics and goals of the IG Sustainability & Storage will be explained, followed by a discussion of the first solution they propose for finding archived datasets and resolving IRIs in a sustainable way.