• 25 May 2023

Lunch Lecture: Automatic CHAT Annotation: A Feasibility Study

During this lecture, Frank Wijnen (Professor of Psycholinguistics, UU) and Mees van Stiphout (Centre for Digital Humanities, UU) will expand on how complete and correct CHAT annotations can be generated on the basis of transcribed actual utterance-correct version pairs.

Date and time

Thursday 25 May, 12:00 - 13:00


Online through Zoom:


Meeting ID: 824 6304 6635

Passcode: 728863

In an ongoing project, GrETEL 4 has been applied to the grammatical analysis of child language and language produced by people with aphasia, and has been integrated into a clinical tool, SASTA. In order to find accurate parses of non-standard utterances, SASTA requires that transcriptions are annotated in accordance with CHAT guidelines. However, as CHAT annotating is intricate and time-consuming, researchers and clinicians mostly annotate by adding ‘correct versions’ of child utterances.

The present project aimed to generate complete and correct CHAT annotations on the basis of transcribed actual utterance-correct version pairs. The approach has been to align these two representations through weighted edit distance calculation. This has proven successful; the current version of the algorithm succeeds in correctly aligning actual utterances with correct versions and produces correct CHAT codes. Experiments show that applying SASTA enriched with AuChAnn markedly improves grammatical analysis accuracy. Integrating AuChAnn into SASTA will yield both better results and increased user-friendliness, which is expected to promote the implementation of SASTA in clinical practice.

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The recorded lunch lecture
Frank Wijnen and Mees van Stiphout

This CLARIAH Lunch lecture was presented by:

Frank Wijnen

Frank Wijnen

Professor of Psycholinguistics

Mees van Stiphout

Mees van Stiphout

ICT Developer