• 15 June 2023

Lunch Lecture: PARAWARD

PARAWARD, “The Paramaribo Ward Registers: Time Machine of a Colonial City”, is one of the three selected projects for the Heritage Data Research Project. During this lecture, Thunnis van Oort will offer a first glimpse into this project.

Date and time

Thursday 15 June, 12:00 - 13:00


Online through Zoom


Meeting ID: 829 1205 4157

Passcode: 730906

During the PARAWARD project, Thunnis van Oort (Radboud University) works with a detailed register kept from 1828-1846 in the Surinamese city Paramaribo. The registers contain rich information with names, age, occupation, ethnicity and religion of (free) inhabitants, as well as the number of enslaved people living on an address. With this project, he aims to harmonize this data and make it available as a FAIR database that can be used for both scholarly research as well as by a wider public for family history.