The keynote was given by Kathryn Eccles, Senior Research Fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute and Pembroke College. She talked about her work at the intersection of research and digital heritage.

Hashtag Heritage: How can social media contribute to placemaking and the collaborative construction of heritage?

This talk will ask how the collection and analysis of social media about cultural and heritage sites can help us to understand how people engage with these spaces, and point to a collaborative construction of heritage. It features a knowledge exchange case study, where the researchers partnered with a heritage organisation to jointly pose questions about how and why visitors use particular sites and what else can be gleaned from these digital traces. It also examines how effective machine learning tools, specifically object recognition tools, can be in sifting through large image datasets, and touches on how critical data studies can assist in navigating presence and absence in these data-driven tools.

Watch the video of the keynote here: