• 23 February 2022

Antal van den Bosch joins the CLARIN ERIC Board of Directors

Prof. Antal van den Bosch will join the CLARIN ERIC Board of Directors from 1 March 2022. He will take over from Andreas Witt, who was a member of the CLARIN BoD from September 2019 until February 2022 and has now been appointed national coordinator of CLARIN-D.

Antal van den Bosch will be working together with the other BoD members and the executive director Franciska de Jong on the development and implementation of the CLARIN ERIC strategy and policy. In particular he will focus on strengthening the ties between CLARIN and the broader AI world.

Much of what CLARIN does is natural language processing, which is an integral part of AI. Among the CLARIN users, we should also embrace the many developers of AI systems in academia and industry, who are eagerly looking for existing tools and resources.

- Antal van den Bosch: