• 11 August 2022

City Sniffers: Rub and Sniff the scent spots as you explore Amsterdam

Join the Odeuropa Project at the end of summer for our urban smell tour in Amsterdam titled, City Sniffers - A smell tour of Amsterdam's ecohistory.

'Rub and Sniff' map created for Odeuropa's City Sniffers - A smell tour of Amsterdam’s ecohistory.
Designed by Liam R. Findlay. Printed for the event by Scent the Brand.

This experience explores the city through smell narratives of the past and present, which are used as a tool to raise awareness on climate change and the city's underlying histories. Participants will engage with their senses through a 'Rub and Sniff' card and a mobile application with which they can navigate the route. The locations of the tour and their sensory histories will be brought to life through curated texts and images. This experience will be hosted by the Amsterdam Museum and was created by Odeuropa in collaboration with Scent the Brand, IFF, and the Institute for Art and Olfaction. Starting September 1st, you can collect a Rub and Sniff card from the Amsterdam Museum's information desk (Amstel 51, 1018 EJ Amsterdam) and start your sensational journey.