• 30 Maart 2023

CLARIAH Open Tech Day

Tech Days include presentations and discussions on the state of the art of the national infrastructure and shared technical challenges, with speakers from the broad network of projects. The Open Tech Days are freely accessible to everyone, both on location and online.

Datum en tijd

Donderdag 30 maart vanaf 13:00


Internationaal Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis (IISG), Cruquiusweg 31, 1019 AT Amsterdam

Meeting ID: 820 9924 4254
Passcode: 509719


CLARIAH is committed to the development of a national digital research infrastructure for the SSH domain. Such an infrastructure is comprehensive, which is why CLARIAH actively seeks collaboration with other projects in the Netherlands that are working on components of that national infrastructure from different perspectives.

We think it is useful and important to have regular discussions with other DH projects and developers in the Netherlands working on similar topics about the technical solutions, possibilities, preconditions and choices when developing a joint infrastructure, and to make use of the enormous potential of knowledge and expertise present in this broad field. With this in mind, CLARIAH organizes informal Tech Days every quarter.

Preliminary Programme


During the upcoming Tech Day on Thursday 30 March, the focus will lie on topics such as FAIR Datasets, FAIR Vocabularies, FAIR Annotation, Data Stories and Tool Discovery. Furthermore, you can expect an update about the CLARIAH Shared Development Roadmap. This roadmap was created to streamline the development of the CLARIAH infrastructure across work packages and specifies what we will implement and deliver.

Furthermore, the winners of our Heritage Data Research Call will be announced. Three projects have been awarded the Data Call grant. During this Tech Day, you will learn more about these projects.


Of course, we also have some interesting speakers lined up. One of the speakers will be Anne Kroon, who is a lead member of various infrastructure and data science initiatives. She describes her primary goal as the acceleration of computational and data science research for SSH-researchers. Currently, she is the coordinator of the PDI-SSH funded project Twi-XL. The Twi-XL project creates an infrastructure for cross-media research.

Lucas van der Meer will also be joining us as a speaker. Lucas is the Chief Technology Officer at ODISSEI. He is also a team member of the SANE (Secure Analysis Environment) project. SANE is a virtual container in which the researcher can analyse sensitive data, and yet leaves the data provider in complete control. SANE enables researchers to conduct research on data that up until now are hardly available to them.

Get Together & Connect

We will be concluding the day with drinks. Here everyone can meet, exchange ideas or initiate new collaborations!

Interested in attending?

We hope to see you at the first Open Tech Day of 2023 on Thursday 30 March! Attendance is free, but registration is mandatory. Please register using the button below: