• 25 Mei 2023

Digital skills for Digital Humanities liaisons at university libraries

University libraries also have to be involved in digital Humanities training. CLARIAH helps discover the role of the library in providing tools, support and educational material.

University Library liaisons in the Netherlands have been given the difficult task to invest in digital Humanities sources for education and research. Yet, it is hard to know where to find user-friendly methods which can be broadly implemented. During this interactive workshop, Liselore Tissen, Martin Kroon (WP3) and Dirk Roorda (WP6) will share their insights in teaching digital Humanities methods and what CLARIAH can offer in terms of tools, workflows, standards, data and educational material. Additionally, the liaisons are invited to explore OpenSoNar, GreTEL and Text-Fabric during a hands-on session.

Are you interested in a hands-on session, workshop or a presentation about the possibilities of using CLARIAH forresearch and education? Please contact