• 13 September 2022

eScience Calls for Digital Humanities and Social Sciences

The Netherlands eScience Center, the national center with the digital skills to create innovative software solutions in academic research, currently has two extra calls for the Digital Humanities and the Social Sciences.

The Netherlands eScience Center awards research projects based on calls for proposals, and trains researchers in the use of research software. Their contribution is primarily in-kind. Each project involves support provided by their research software engineers (RSEs), employees of the eScience Center, who combine broad disciplinary knowledge with high-level digital expertise. Their method of working is collaborative: together with you, the RSEs form a research team that will share knowledge, explore possible approaches and develop digital solutions. The RSEs will offer advice and support for the duration of the project to help the research team achieve the desired results.

Digital Approaches to the Humanities and Social Sciences

The current calls for proposals aim to help researchers in the Humanities and Social Sciences who require research software or digital tooling to answer their research problem. Researchers new to applying digital research methods as well as experienced users are encouraged to apply. A successful proposal should address a research question in a Humanities' and Socials Sciences' discipline and describe how a digital approach will durably impact that discipline. In these calls, 'research software' refers to digital tools or methods that contribute to the creation or analysis of research data and research results.

The deadline for submission is on 14 October 2022.

For more inforation and to apply, use (one of) the links below.