• 19 April 2023

SSHOC-NL festively launched

In February, it was announced that SSHOC-NL is one of the nine projects to receive funding from the National Roadmap for Large-scale Scientific Infrastructure. On 17 April, all nine projects were festively launched at Naturalis Biodiversity Center.

The Minister of Education, Culture and Science, Robbert Dijkgraaf, was present. During the day, all projects presented their plans. CLARIAH’s Chief Technology Officer, Roeland Ordelman, was there to present SSHOC-NL. Regarding projects such as SSHOC-NL, the minister emphasized the importance of collecting large amounts of information and data in scientific research.

“The beauty of science is that it zooms in on the details, and then draws lessons from that for big social issues,” he stated. On important societal issues, one cannot say anything unless you have the data.