Roeland Ordelman

Roeland Ordelman

Bestuurslid Technologie, CLARIAH NL • Manager Research & Innovation, Beeld en Geluid • Hoofdonderzoeker, Universiteit Twente

  • Linguïstiek
  • Mediastudies
  • Taal- en spraaktechnologie

Roeland Ordelman is an expert in audiovisual access technology and cross-media search & recommendation concepts. He has a background in research, audiovisual archiving and industry, and is a well-experienced project manager and team leader.

At the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, one of the largest audiovisual archives in Europe, his work focuses on innovative products that can be brought from R&D into production, either at the institute or related areas. As a Principal Investigator on Language, Speech and Multimedia Retrieval at the University of Twente, his focus is on more fundamental topics related to speech technology, conversational search and multimedia search & recommendation technology.

He received his PhD in 2003 on the use of speech recognition technology to improve access to audiovisual archives and worked on a wide range of national and international projects in the area of multimedia retrieval. He has been involved in organizing benchmark evaluations in the MediaEval Benchmark Evaluation Series and more recently TRECVid. His current work in this area focuses on the integration of (user) evaluation and benchmarking in the context of ‘living labs’: research infrastructures that involve industry, research and user communities for mutual benefit.