WP2: Technology

Work package 2 focuses on the general and overarching technology such as authentication and data synchronization and on underlying tools such as a container platform.

WP2 Technology resources

We develop technical tools that are not directly used by researchers, but instead facilitate the building of robust software, like for instance:

  • A hosting platform based on kubernetes
  • A SQL Backend as a Service
  • An exchange protocol for RDF data with version control
  • A solution for collecting technical (log) data and usage data
  • An authentication environment based on SAML and OIDC
  • A system for automatically archiving results as generated by the software on the platform and for later rehydrating archival data so that it can be continued.

We are also developing a number of components that can be used directly by researchers, but that are not limited to a specific discipline, such as:

  • A pipeline to interpret images with text and convert them to a computer-processable format (OCR/HTR based on Transkribus)
  • A tool to find the common records in the somewhat large datasets (10,000 - 1,000,000 records), where common does not necessarily have to be an exact overlap, but where spelling variations or other forms of ‘dirty’ data are taken into account.
  • Tooling for creating and processing annotations based on the Web annotation format.

In addition, WP2 stimulates the implementation of existing standards within the CLARIAH work packages.