• 1 November 2021

Digital Heritage Month 2021

The Digital Heritage Month is the event for and by Dutch organizations in the field of culture, heritage, education and research. Together they present the professional advances on location and online.

A month filled with knowledge and inspiration

The Digital Heritage Month is aimed at all professionals and volunteers active within the heritage sector, the design sector, digital culture and the performing arts. For example, people who are responsible for digitization, collection management or employees who are involved in communication and public tasks. Cultural creators, journalists, researchers/students and other professionals are also cordially invited to participate in the events.

Workshops, lectures and symposia

What tools can you use to bring digital collections to the public? What lessons can be learned from colleagues? And how can you apply them in your own situation? Follow workshops, lectures and symposia organized by network partners and find inspiration for your own plans for 2022. Do you have a collection in the field of performing arts, design and digital culture? The networks Podiumkunst.net and the Network Archives Design and Digital Culture will update you on recent developments.

HackaLOD for heritage data

The HackaLOD, the annual hackathon with heritage data, will start November 26 at 5 pm. Programmers, historians, designers and other heritage and data experts take on a cool challenge in competing teams. Can they make new, creative applications with linked open data for heritage institutions? That connect this data to the public perception in new and surprising ways?