• 19 December 2021

Call for societal or commercial project proposals 2022

The CLARIAH board makes resources available to stimulate activities that increase the societal and/or commercial impact of CLARIAH. Any researcher in the Netherlands can apply for this call.

"Die Armensuppe", Albert Anker (1893)

CLARIAH wants to maximize its potential as a centre for innovation. The CLARIAH infrastructure offers a range of uses not only for academic institutions, but also for commercial companies and social partners.

Wider relevance

It is of great importance that the CLARIAH infrastructure is not only used by scientific researchers, but also plays a role outside scientific research and can have societal and/or commercial impact. This contributes to the long-term sustainability of the CLARIAH infrastructure. It is also one of the Key Performance Indicators formulated by ESFRI for Landmark infrastructures such as CLARIN and DARIAH, and consequently CLARIAH in the Netherlands.

Research proposals

Dutch researchers can apply for funding of a small research project that helps to achieve societal and/or commercial impact.